Is Alibaba Bigger Than Amazon?

Alibaba and Amazon are two of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, both with a long history of success in the world of digital retail. Both companies have grown significantly over the years, and both have had a major impact on how people shop online.

But which one is bigger? Is Alibaba bigger than Amazon?

When it comes to overall revenue, Amazon is the clear winner. In 2019, Amazon reported total revenues of $280 billion, compared to Alibaba’s $56 billion.

However, when it comes to profits, Alibaba has the edge. In 2019, Alibaba reported net profits of $16 billion compared to Amazon’s $11 billion. That said, it should be noted that Alibaba’s profits are largely due to its investments in other companies rather than its own core business operations.

When looking at market capitalization (the value of a company as determined by its stock price), Alibaba has a slight edge over Amazon as well. As of May 2020, Alibaba was valued at around $630 billion compared to Amazon’s $1 trillion.

Alibaba also has an advantage when it comes to the number of users and customers it serves. In 2019, Alibaba had 755 million active users on its platform compared to Amazon’s 300 million active customers.

In conclusion, while Amazon may be larger in terms of overall revenue and market capitalization, Alibaba is still a formidable competitor with a strong user base and impressive profits. While neither company can definitively claim to be bigger than the other, there is no doubt that both companies will continue to be major players in the e-commerce space for years to come.